Anderson Fights Back Against Soros Money

New TV Ad Highlights Nearly $1 Million in Soros Spending on Local DA Race

HOUSTON – Devon Anderson, Harris County District Attorney, launched a new TV ad this week, fighting back against massive spending by left wing activist billionaire George Soros.

“Never before has any single outside source spent a million dollars in a local race, never before in Houston/Harris County, and never before in any race in America that I’ve been able to find,” said Allen Blakemore, Anderson campaign advisor.  “Ever wonder why he would do that?

Soros video screenshot

“This notorious socialist has spent billions worldwide trying to undermine our local elections right here in Harris County.

“Kim Ogg hasn’t been able to gain any real support here at home, so she has sold her soul to a New York leftist in order to try to unseat our locally elected District Attorney.  Kim Ogg has admitted she will pick and choose which laws to enforce – no doubt in close consultation with George Soros.

“As the people of Harris County learn about what billionaire George Soros is doing, they are rejecting this outside influence in our election and voting for Devon Anderson,” Blakemore concluded.